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The Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program

Ms. Leal realized that in order for her process of recovery to be recognized as a more mainstream method, she'd have to duplicate her own results. Ms. Leal compiled all the information from her recovery and started what has successfully become known as, The Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program. In August of 2003, under Dusty’s guidance, three women started their journey back to optimum health. The documented progress of these women is exciting. Dusty’s vision of offering hope to those afflicted with scleroderma has become a reality. A reality based on fact, the combining of Western and CAM medicines to achieve optimum health.

Dusty's Place Scleroderma Research Program

In August of 2003, the first group of participants to start their journey back to health, entered into the Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program. This eighteen-month program is based on the successful recovery of Kimberly “Dusty” Leal from systemic scleroderma.

During the seven years that it took Ms. Leal to regain her health, she tried a myriad of different therapies including Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Realizing that a cure would most likely not occur before the disease took her life, she decided to step outside her comfort zone and embrace anything that would help. Ms. Leal used a successful combination of both Western with Complementary and Eastern (CAM) Medicines to bring her back to optimum health.

The Dusty’s Place Scleroderma Research Program implements what Ms. Leal learned about the disease during her recovery. Dusty’s experience as a “living guinea pig” has allowed her to narrow the program down to all the therapies and information that completely benefit someone with scleroderma. She continued to study these therapies after her recovery in order to learn more about the disease. Ms. Leal has identified several “common threads” of this disease. Three of which are an identified parasite, a bacteria and an emotional characteristic of individuals with scleroderma.

Unique to this program as opposed to other research is that each participant has an individual protocol designed specifically for him or her. Scleroderma is very diverse in how it affects a person and needs to be addressed as such.  Each individual has the “common threads” of the disease as a primary focus with a secondary focus on the diverse affects that the disease has.

Participants in this program are encouraged to continue working with their own doctors. The health care  practitioners participating in the research are a Traditional Naturopath and a Medical Doctor. On a monthly basis, either one or both practitioners have a scheduled office visit with a participant. Ms. Leal acts as a mentor through weekly telephone contact as well as being on site for all the visits with the Traditional Naturopath. Included in the process of monitoring the participants are regularly scheduled laboratory tests.

Some of the therapies utilized in the research protocol include but are not limited to;
Energy/Emotional Work, Herbs, Homeopathy, Massage, Mineral Body Wraps, Nutrition, Prescription Drugs, Reflexology, Supplements and Vibrational Kinesiology.

Additional support is available to participants through contact with each other as well as regularly scheduled gatherings with Ms. Leal in attendance. Education in areas of nutrition, detoxification, stress reduction, exercise and others, prepare the participants for future decisions regarding their health care once they have finished the program.

The progress of this first group of participants is exciting as well as amazing. Complete reversal of symptoms has been achieved and documented. Included in this documentation are laboratory results that are defining the improvement of the participants. Dusty's vision of offering hope for those afflicted with scleroderma has become a reality. A reality based on fact, the combining of Western and CAM medicines to reverse disease and return to optimum health.

This program is not about a “magic bullet” or pill to stop the disease. Participants are guided through an intensive eighteen month program that empowers them to make life-changing decisions about their health. The particpant determines his/her success based on their commitment to this process. The end of this journey can be the return to optimum health. This program requires that participants take an active role in their healing therefore this process might not be for everyone.

The Dusty's Place Scleroderma Research Program is the only place that Ms. Leal's process of recovery is implemented.

NOTE - Currently, the Dusty's Place Scleroderma Research Program is closed. Unfortunately, due to lack of funding and the litigious social dynamics that are very prevelent today, the research program was closed. The progress of those that benefited from the research program has been documented. This inforamtion is being compiled and will be available at a later date.

If you are interested in more information about scleroderma, call 530 672-2473 or email us at


The information contained on this web site is provided as general information only. Using any of the information listed on this web site does not guarantee as similar result as experienced by Kimberly “Dusty” Leal and should not be substituted for any medical or psychological treatment. Any stories, testimonials or other information herein do not constitute a guarantee regarding the outcome for any individual using the healing modalities on this web site for any particular issue. While all documents are posted in good faith, the accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any information herein cannot be guaranteed. Dusty’s Place accepts no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the information listed here and strongly advises that before you make any health decision you seek advise from a professional.


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