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Traditional Naturopath


Traditional Naturopathy is a non-invasive system of health practice that employs natural health modalities, treatments, therapies, substances, and education to promote and restore health by supporting and stimulating the individual’s self-healing processes. Naturopathy is concerned with both a healthy life style and the prevention of disease, pain, and physical, chemical or mental conditions. Traditional Naturopathy promotes health and wellness through education, specializing in gentle natural therapies and life style changes. Naturopathy may be applied in any health care situation; however, its strongest successes are in the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases.

Traditional Naturopath Practitioners assess, assist and recommend, they do not diagnose, treat nor prescribe. Traditional Naturopath Practitioners cooperate with all branches of medical sciences by referring clients for diagnosis or treatment, when appropriate.

The scope of practice of the Traditional Naturopath consists of; Light, Air, Water, Clay, Heat, Exercise, Non-stimulating Diet, Herbs, Electricity, Massage, Swedish Movements, Suggestion Therapies, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Magnetism, Physical and Mental Cultures, Color Therapy, Nutritional Supplementation, Homeopathy, Glandulars, Iridology, Kinesiology and all natural and non-invasive therapies.

Traditional Naturopaths never use invasive medical treatments including X-rays, inorganic drugs, injections or surgery. If these services were necessary for a client, the Traditional Naturopath would make a referral to a medical doctor. The Traditional Naturopath embraces only therapies or procedures, which are designed to enhance healing and promote wellness without negative short or long term effects.

Traditional Naturopaths believe that the body heals itself and works to restore and support this inherent healing system that may have been compromised, by using methods that are in harmony with the natural processes.

Every illness has an underlying cause which are often aspects of lifestyle, diet, various toxins, habits or thought patterns of the individual. The naturopath is trained to find and work with the individual to remove the underlying cause of the disease.

Traditional  Naturopaths are aware that a person can have an illness that appears to be physical, however, the cause may be based in emotional, mental or spiritual causes. The program chosen to address an illness is determined by identifying the type of problem an individual is experiencing.

The Traditional Naturopath uses numerous different natural ways of assessing a client’s body. They are; Iridology, Sclerology, face, tongue and nail assessment, body systems functions, questionnaires for nutritional deficiencies and a natural bio-feed back system called, Kinesiology.

Naturopathy is not recommended for acute trauma, such as a serious car accident, heart attack, acute asthma or acute infection that requires hospitalization. Naturopathy is not recommended for those people who are not willing to make the life-style changes necessary for optimum health.


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