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Update: A Father’s Story

The following is a letter written by Richard Brinton.  Richard's daughter Karen,
was diagnosed with systemic scleroderma.

February 15, 2006


Last week my wife and I received a phone call from our daughter Karen. “Papa ! I just got my blood tests back and I’m ANA negative!” (Anti Nuclear Anibody)


We were stunned – not so much by the news because we had begun to expect continued improvement in our daughter’s health – but by the magnitude of that improvement.


Over the past three years we have experienced and photographed Karen’s journey through scleroderma from the tight skin, the swollen extremities, the fingers that wouldn’t bend, the limited motion in her arms and legs, the awful fatigue and the pain. Our frequent phone calls and visits became a game where we would avoid asking her how she felt and, of course, she would put on a good front. All of us knew but we somehow thought that by avoiding the subject maybe it would all go away. Unfortunately that is not how rapid onset, systemic scleroderma ( her MD’s diagnosis and test results) works.


Then the miracle happened.


Karen met Kimberly Leal, (the woman whose seven year successful fight against her own scleroderma blazed the path that others now follow), Angela Burr-Madsen ND, SK, HHP and Dr. Rulison MD, and began the long process that produced the results that saved our daughter’s life.


It was an arduous journey for Karen since it involved Homeopathy, Western Medicine, an eating discipline, a difficult daily regimen, a strong spiritual component and the involvement of many, many people who supported Karen’s efforts. It also required the guts of a lion and a determination to succeed far beyond my poor abilities. All I could do was stand by and watch the process but month after month we saw her improvements. Soon her husband, Scott, no longer had to carry her around their home nor help her bathe nor wheel her in the chair. God love him, he has been there so solidly through all this; never failing, never flinching. She is fortunate to have him for he played a huge part in her successful fight against this horrible disease.


And now there is no sign of the scleroderma in her system and the rheumatoid arthritis component has all but gone completely.


What can I say to you who are reading this? Can I promise a cure for you or your loved one? No, I can’t. If you read Karen’s diary you will get a glimpse into what is required to succeed. THIS IS NOT A PILL, IT IS A PROCESS!! But this I know for certain:  Dusty’s Place is the only program that has produced these tremendous results.


Everything else I’ve found in my studies of scleroderma merely eases the pain and some of the symptoms while the patient dies.


Let me state again:  I have no connection to Dusty’s Place – a 501-C3 foundation – except as a contributor. I receive no income, I am not a director or employee nor paid consultant. What I’ve written here I’ve done freely with the hope and prayer that it will make the kind of difference in your life or your loved one’s life as it has in our daughter’s. If you’ve got something better, use it. If not, why are you stalling?




Richard Brinton

Karen’s father


6948 Gimbel Way

Citrus Heights, CA  95621



To contact the author – brinton9@earthlink.net

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