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Update: Susan's Story

An update on Susan,an initial participant in the Dusty’s Place
Scleroderma Research Program
Susan completed the research program in January 2005

June 15, 2005


Since my graduation from the program in January 2005, my health continues to improve. After 18 months of hard work and detoxification, I am looking forward to integrating the many changes I made and assessing my level of health.  

An Update on Susan's Story

The day after my completion I got the flu for three weeks. The good news is that when my immune system was in overdrive with scleroderma, I never got colds or flues so having the flu was actually a good sign.

For one month the following April, my husband, Peter, flew to New Zealand to see his family while I managed the large property here at home. This was a huge step for us as prior to this time we had a lot of anxiety about me being able to be alone here. Once Peter heard my voice over the phone and heard how well I was doing, he was able to relax and enjoy his trip. I had a very grounded and joyous month while my husband was in New Zealand. I was able to walk down the hill to garden daily and care for our animals, doing chores Peter would usually do. We didn’t think that this could have been possible because of the illness. What a boost to my confidence!

I have recently started horseback riding again which is one of my greatest pleasures.
I had a minor setback in May after jumping back to avoid on oncoming rooster, my leg flared up. I knew what to do to avoid sinking into depression when this happened and implemented it.

I believe I will keep improving and will be having lab work done this summer. I’ll keep you posted.

Much love,

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