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Example of Western and Eastern medicines working together to achieve the best results

Prescription Drugs

By Kimberly “Dusty” Leal

This story is about Dusty's initial experience of how combining Western and CAM (Complementary and Alternative) medicines could facilitate her recovery from scleroderma. However, it is strongly recommended that any adjustments to prescription dosages be discussed with your medical doctor.

During the course of the illness, scleroderma, many different types of prescription drugs were either recommended or prescribed to me. Some of these drugs I tried and many more I did not. Early on in my battle for health, I felt like a pill-popping machine. “Try this”, was becoming a familiar sentence to me.  I swallowed away until one day; I had a severely negative reaction to one of the drugs prescribed to me. At this point, I was already very conscious as to what I was putting in my body, so it was very easy to isolate the drug that was the source of my problem. Immediately, I stopped taking the prescription and called my doctor. His response to my condition was to just cut the dose if half. I couldn’t believe he even suggested that I put another one of those pills back in my mouth. Not only did I NEVER take another one of those pills again, it took a better part of a month to recover the ground I lost over the reaction to this prescription.

I felt like a car, broken down, that a mechanic was struggling to repair, just replacing parts until he got it right. In the pit of my stomach was a sick feeling that I was nothing but a guinea pig. I couldn’t help but wonder in the back of my mind “There has got to be a better way”.

Kineseologyis the better way and several years into my disease, Candace, a Traditional Naturopath,introduced me to this method. In a nutshell, the body can identify through testing a muscle, what it does or doesn’t want. This method is similar to, but not barbaric, like allergy testing. When an individual goes to a doctor to find out what they are allergic to, the doctor typically pricks the patient’s body with the suspected allergens. The patient’s skin will have an adverse reaction to whatever they are allergic to thus providing an identification of the offending substances. Fortunately, a person can get the same results more easily and less painfully through Kineseology. In the simplest of terms, a muscle is isolated on the patient to be used for testing. The practitioner then has the patient hold the allergen (or whatever is being tested such as a pharmaceutical drug, food etc.) in their hands and then tests the muscle for strength. A strong muscle indicates a desire for what is being tested and a weak muscle indicates an adverse reaction. Correctly done, it really is as simple as it sounds.

Early on in my quest for health, I became familiar with supplements and herbs. Devouring books and literature on these subjects, I was proud of the knowledge I was accumulating. Zealously, I took many of the remedies recommended in my various reading materials. Confident of these choices, I proudly brought my arsenal of herbs and supplements into Candace’s office with me when I met with her for the first time.

Knowing nothing about Kineseology at that time, Candace patiently explained it to me. She then started going through the pile of bottles that I had brought with me. One by one, Candace muscle checked me for what my body wanted. The “no” pile was growing faster than the “yes” pile! After she was through, 65% of what I had been taking my body did not want. I “assumed” that I couldn’t go wrong taking anything that was considered “natural”. I was wrong. In my ignorance, I failed to understand that I was missing a crucial piece of information, Kineseology.
My health started improving rapidly once I applied this principal. Although most people rely on their practitioners exclusively for this, I decided to learn how to apply it on myself. This decision allowed me on a daily basis to stay completely on top of what was required to keep my health moving in a positive direction.

A friend of mine, John, had been diagnosed with Lymes disease and we bonded while spending a lot of time talking about our health. John had no interest in trying some of the things I was, but he was a good friend and would listen to what I was doing. He mentioned one day that he was trying a drug called “Plaquenil”. John stated that he was told it had originally been formulated to cure malaria but had been found to also benefit people with autoimmune disorders. He was concerned because some of the side effects were liver damage and blindness. Regular monitoring of these were required in order to take this drug and John was religiously following through.

Curious, I asked John if I could have a pill. Of course he looked at me like I was crazy while I muscle checked myself. Low and behold, my body wanted this drug!

I thought I would have no problem getting a prescription for it until I tried. I belonged to an HMO at the time, so I simply made an appointment with a doctor and assumed that somebody would listen to me. Wrong!  The first doctor I met with had a plan of her own and wanted me to try something else. I fired her. Frustrated, I just kept making appointments until I found a doctor who realized that I really did understand my body and he agreed to work with me. Although it was obvious from looking at me that I had scleroderma, my skin had never been biopsied to confirm this through a laboratory. This physician offered to write me the prescription if I agreed to a biopsy and to have my liver and eyes regularly monitored. “Absolutely” was my response. I grabbed my written prescription and happily went to dermatology where they promptly took a chunk of skin out of my arm.

The doctor reviewed with me the dosage for Plaquenil. He stated that I would be taking two tablets a day with food. Plaqeunil can irritate the stomach, therefore ingesting the tablets with food was highly recommended. He also told me that I’d probably be on the drug for 2 1/2 years and that the dosage would be reduced as time went on. Smiling, I nodded a look of approval even though I was going to muscle check myself for the correct dosage when I got home. Yes, I wasn’t completely truthful with him, but I found myself doing this in order to get what I needed. It wouldn’t be the last time.

Eager to get started, I muscle checked myself as soon as I got home. Interestingly enough, my body only checked for one pill a day instead of two! Right away, I realized that I would have been over medicated had I taken the suggested dose. I couldn’t help but wonder how many people have liver damage from Plaquenil, not because they were taking it but because they were over medicated. Checking my body for the most appropriate time to take this new medication was next. Usually, I would check for morning, noon or night. Oddly enough, I couldn’t get a clear answer on this. I continued to try and figure out the correct time with no result. Exasperated, I grabbed a clock and started checking hour by hour starting with midnight. The answer came. My body wanted this pill at 3:00am! I kept checking myself and the answer was always the same, yes. “I must be crazy” is all I could think. Even these results were a little far out for me. Knowing that I had made a commitment to listening to my body, I set my alarm for 3:00am.

The first night I got up to take my pill, I realized that I didn’t have a full stomach. What a pain, eating at 3:00am. Dragging myself out of bed, I went into the kitchen to try and figure out what I could eat that wouldn’t keep me up all night. Suddenly, the doctor’s dosage wasn’t sounding so bad after all! While trying to figure this out it hit me, maybe I didn’t need to take it with food? I muscle checked myself and lucky me, I DIDN’T have to take it with food. I simply popped my pill and when to bed. Never once during the time that I took this medication on an empty stomach did I ever have a problem.

I met several times with the dermatologist that performed my scleroderma biopsy. He was amazed at how well my skin was improving, even to the extent of saying “I have never seen a scleroderma patient’s skin improve as quickly and as well as yours” He had other patients with the same disease and they were not doing as well. Sharing what I was doing to heal myself was not a problem for me and I told him everything. This dermatologist was kind enough to listen and not pass judgment. How could he with the results he was observing? However, he did not take me up on my offer to help him with his other scleroderma patients. I even gave him permission to give them my phone number. Years later, I have never received a phone call.

Still confused about why I was taking Plaguenil at 3:00am, I mentioned it to Candace, my Naturopath practitioner, during one of my visits.  A blank stare was my response and the two of us sat in silence, pondering how truly odd this was. Suddenly, Candace’s eyes opened wide as she looked at a poster hanging on her wall. It was of a human body and different types of information in regards to Eastern medicine. The answer was right there. In the Eastern culture of healing, it is understood that the organs in the body are stronger at different times of the day. The body has a daily function of focusing on different organs at different times in a type of “healing” capacity. It is during this time of “healing” that the organ is at its strongest.  It would only make sense then to take a prescription drug that can potentially harm an organ at this time when it is at it’s strongest. Clearly stated on this poster for the liver was the time of…..3:00am.

I almost fell off the table I was sitting on. Both Candace and I just started laughing at how wild this realization was. Although I was so open to so many things in regards to my health, this one still blew me away. I wanted to rip the poster down and take it with me. So many people had looked at me like I had completely lost my marbles when I had shared this information with them. Finally, proof of a valid reason for my nocturnal pill popping. I wasn’t crazy after all!

Regular visits to my HMO to check my liver and eyes were uneventful. Everything was fine until five months into this prescription when I experienced a problem. I woke up one morning to discover that my eyesight was blurry. Understanding the consequences of Plaquenil, I called my HMO in a panic. Explaining to the nurse what I was taking and experiencing, she also flew into a panic and told me she would have a doctor call me right away. A very long and stressful hour later, I had yet to receive a call. Angry, I called again and delivered the same news to a different nurse. This intelligent person told me to drive immediately to the hospital and then promptly hung up. How was I going to drive with blurry vision! A third call through my HMO’s voice mail hell again evoked a promise from a nurse that a doctor would call me immediately. Three hours from my original call, and no response from a doctor, I had enough. Panicking was getting me nowhere fast, so I decided to calm down and assess the situation. Maybe my dosage wasn’t correct or maybe it was time to stop taking Paquenil? Using kineseology, I was able to ascertain that my body still requested the drug but only wanted a half of a pill and only for three more weeks. Trusting this information, I followed through and within a short period of time, my vision returned to normal. Oh, and my HMO, I never did get a call from a doctor.

Roughly six months after starting Palquenil, I stopped. My skin responded beautifully to this prescription drug. I am thankful that Western medicine made it available for me to use. I am thankful to Eastern medicine for the correct dosage. Embracing both types of practices brought me to a level of health that could not have been achieved individually. My health care providers saved thousands of dollars, because I would only take the drugs that my body “needed”. I saved my body from unnecessary trauma by giving it only what it “needed”.

There is a level of personal empowerment required to be able to do what I did. This truly exists in everyone if they just try. The answers to health lie within. The human body is a fascinating thing and it’s amazing what you can learn if you just……….listen.


The information contained on this web site is provided as general information only. Using any of the information listed on this web site does not guarantee as similar result as experienced by Kimberly “Dusty” Leal and should not be substituted for any medical or psychological treatment. Any stories, testimonials or other information herein do not constitute a guarantee regarding the outcome for any individual using the healing modalities on this web site for any particular issue. While all documents are posted in good faith, the accuracy, validity, effectiveness, completeness, or usefulness of any information herein cannot be guaranteed. Dusty’s Place accepts no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of the information listed here and strongly advises that before you make any health decision you seek advise from a professional.

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