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Dusty did a significant amount of her Mind/Body work with Nonine Painter. The healing modality used was Holographic Alchemy. Nonine has a successful practice in Santa Rosa, California and is available to clients in her office or via phone. If you are interested in this work and would like to contact Nonine, she can be reached at  noninepainter@comcast.net

What is Holographic Alchemy?

Holographic Alchemy is Nonine’s unique melding of Holographic Repatterning (now known as Resonance Repatterning) and Psych K in conjunction with many other healing modalities she has studied throughout the years. HA is a process that facilitates the clearing of core negative beliefs and behaviors that create limitation and an unfulfilled life.

Much of what hold us back comes from subconscious patterns and programs formed early in life, often in the womb, and they have a major impact on our life. The first step in Holographic Alchemy is to bring these patterns into consciousness so they can be known and then shifted.  Kinesiology / muscle checking is used to access the unconscious beliefs so they can be known, and self-healing modalities are then used to shift the unconscious beliefs and patterns. Positive actions specifically designed for each session are given as support.

Our outer life is a reflection of our core beliefs and programming. If any aspect of your life is less than your hearts desire there is a negative program / belief to be shifted. Healing old beliefs and negative programs allows you to step free of fears and judgments, moving into life-enhancing thoughts, feelings and actions.  Holographic Alchemy frees you to become fully empowered.

The model of a hologram provides the avenue for a single element of change anywhere in the system to reflect change throughout the whole system. Alchemy is the process of transforming something “lesser” into something “greater”. We have been mired in the misconception and limitation of a life experience based in fear, separation, abandonment and worthlessness. We have forgotten who we truly are – spiritual beings having a physical experience. It is time for us to embrace our Mastery – to realize how powerful our true essence is. Holographic Alchemy facilitates this transformation.

As a Mind/Body/Spirit Life Coach and facilitator, Nonine brings over 35 years of her own continuing journey of self discovery and spiritual growth into her work. In private practice since 1980, she offers uniquely tailored sessions to meet the specific needs of those seeking self discovery and transformation.






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