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April 2009,

I'm back......... Joanna Kim speaking. It's about time I get with you to inform on how I am doing and what I have done. Let me not keep you in suspense...I am great and working my job at full schedule. Let me skim over what has happened between May 2007 and now.

I have been so blessed by stumbling on the Dusty’s Place Website. Dusty is the anchor for my healing. She has kept balance and focus in my thoughts. Hiring her for my healing coach has been worth it 10 times over. It was great to have a positive motivator.

I was muscle tested by Angela to see how long it would take for the scleroderma to leave my body and it was forecasted for 18 months. The testing was accurate in 18 months it was gone. Each month I went to Angela, Dusty was right there taking notes, prompting Angela on particulars of scleroderma, my past history and reminders of what to check out next. There are many guidelines to follow. Mind you there is no magic wand. Everything I took or did was specifically designed for me... all individualistic. There is no cookie cutter pill for everyone. I had to follow the guidelines though, if I wanted results. I follow a strict diet according to my blood type. I am no saint, but when I cheat, (actually I call those times testers)..... I really can tell the difference and my body quickly lets me know to get back on track. I take vitamins, minerals and homeopathic remedies. The amounts have fluctuated and some have been eliminated as I progress. I also do sound therapy, aromatherapy and some light therapy. This is life changing not only physically but mentally. Now you might think this is an awful lot to do and spend. Well, my husband and I look at it....pay me now or pay me later.....we really do not want to clean respirators or such things down the road.

I really feel I have found myself. Thank you, God. I enjoy, appreciate and understand more of what I do and how I got where I am. I like it. What a heck of a life ride. Dusty and Angela are due much credit for moving me here. Dusty's positive encouragement coaching pushed me along. If I whined she directed me out of that and asked me what was my goal, really. God knew what He was doing when He directed me to her website. I wasn't even looking for assistance, I was looking for a product. Coincidence, I think not.

Yeah, I have some ups and downs,,,,,,,,, but more ups!!!! We are still working on clearing the Reynaud’s, it is slow healing but a lot better.....I do not have to wear gloves 24/7 and 365.

Since I was already familiar with alternative medicine I kind of knew the road I was on, but my road was a dirt road, now I am on a 10 lane freeway. This process opened me up a lot further. Some stuff was rreeaallllyyyyyy different, but hey if took for me to wave a dead chicken over my head, I would do it for a cure. But after awhile you understood it. It all worked synergistically together and had scientific explanations.

My husband was most skeptical but now he said he is happy to have his wife back and totally supports Dusty.

If you want to heal.....GO FOR IT.

God Bless, Joanna Kim

Joanna can be contacted at howukim@gmail.com

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