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 The Dawson Program

1932 - 2004

Dusty worked with Cameron Dawson toward the latter part of her recovery. Her positive results prompted her to eventually write it into the the protocal of The Dusty's Place Scleroderma Rersearch Program. A native of Austraila, Cameron came to the United States several times to practice and teach. Dusty was fortunate to be able to study under him before he passed in 2004.

The Following is an introduction by Cameron Dawson of his method, "The Dawson Program"

The Dawson Program is a system that is based on the study of the electrical fields around which the human being is constructed and through which we function; a system allowing an individual using an informed approach to apply the all-powerful concept of intent to corrections of the electrical fields in the human body.

The technique employed is called Vibrational Kinesiology which combines Applied Kinesiology, Behavioral Kinesiology and Educational Kinesiology, together with ancient knowledge concerning the human body; knowledge sourced from ancient and modern cultures and from most of the major religions of the world. The corrections are made to the electrical frequencies upon which the human body is constructed, by which it receives life force and through which subconscious communication with other people is conducted.

Malfunctioning electrical fields of the human body cause ill-health in the mental, physical and chemical structures and can be corrected using the Dawson Program correctional techniques "In a physical sense, we all undertake first air correction to ourselves or to members of our family, our friends and associates, using the techniques we have been taught of physical first aid for cuts, burns, bruises, headaches, colds, etc. For the main part, we have lost the knowledge of the physical/emotional correction techniques". The Dawson Program is a re-introduction of these techniques. An authorized Dawson Program practitioner using the protocol and kinesiological methods can identify problems exactly and correct them in one, tow or three sessions.

A qualified Dawson Program practitioner achieves this knowledge through extensive study and training. The practitioner learns how to correct the physical/emotional/chemical imbalances, allowing the innate intelligence that runs the body to use the in-built self-healing mechanism to return the body to health and wellbeing. As part of the program, the practitioner advises the client in the use of The Dawson Program Self-Corrective System: a post treatment follow up system for the client's health maintenance.

The electro-physical features of the human body, identified and interpreted by Cameron Dawson after 30 years of investigation and with more than 12 years of clinical practice, forms the basis of the system of identification and correction called "The Dawson Program"

Cameron Dawson
Originator of The Dawson Program

For more information go to Cameron's web site www.dawsonprogram.com

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NOTE: The information listed on this page is for informational purposes only. It does not guarantee any type of result. Please consult a qualified health care professional before making any changes or additions to your health care protocol. Scleroderma is very diverse in how it effects individuals and should be treated as such.

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