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Thank you
Dear Dusty, Thank you so much for sharing your moving story with all of us last night. Yours is a truly inspiring story of overcoming tremendous adversity. We are all so blessed you have healed and are here to tell your story. It is so very hopeful, Sincerely Anne
Anne Billingsley
Shingle Springs, CA
Diffuse Systemic Sclerosis

I don't see anything about this form on your website. I am three hellish years into this disease and now have internal organ damage with my heart, lungs, digestive tract and entire muscle body. My skin is swollen, hard and exceptionally itchy all over all of the time. My legs have been transformed into thick hard tree stumps and swollen with fluid. My hands have been swollen, sore and disfigured and I have lost both thumb joints due to a rapid degeneration with the osteo arthritis that I also have. I am on conventional pharmacological treatment with very little abatement of symptoms. I also have a mulititude of other auto immune disorders along with osteoporosis at present. I feel like I am on a sinking ship. Have you any suggestions that I should try?

Suzanne, I'm so sorry you are having these health challenges and am happy to help you in any way that I can. I suffered from some of the same symptoms you mention as well. I offer an hour of my time, gratis, to anyone who finds me and reaches out. I'd be happy to share what I've done as well as other people I have spoken with who have been able to find relief from some of the issues you listed. If this interests you and you'd like to schedule a time to talk, please contact me at my office at 530 672-2473 or email dusty@dustysplace.org I hope to talk to you soon!

Sincerely, Dusty

Ontario, Canada


I have always been touched by Dusty's humbleness. I have had linear scleroderma for the last 8 eight years, given, I am twenty three at present. Through these eight years, I have been harrowing google with "cure Scleroderma." Until one day,I hit on Dusty's place. I read and read and read.I had been sick, but the fact that one person in the cosmos had healed herself of this "incurable" dis-ease made me feel at peace, calm. We talked and Dusty emphasized on following the book "Eat right to your blood type." Honestly, this idea didn't buy me. I had already done a lot. Juicing, avoiding sugar, salt and god knows what all a body needs. A month later, I went to buy the book. Feeling worse and sick than ever before. If everything, why not this,I thought. And I must tell you, it worked wonders. I taught me to eat, not avoid, though in right proportion. I eat well now. My digestive system is attuned my sound health. My ANA has dropped from 456 to 67, though, it is also because of the intense ayurvedic detoxification technique called panchkarma. Dusty is truly the goddess of healing, She convinced me to stay on EFT. It is working like a miracle. My thought patterns are changing steadily. Dusty has herself had a healing history of more than ten years. And basically, a person who has gone through it, experienced all form of alternative therapies knows much better than any doctor. I strictly advise anyone who is inflicted by a degenerating disease to go by her experiences.Subscribe her newsletters. I am healing, the best part, apart from trying for all these years is that it is "now" that I'm healing. Lots of love Dusty

Sneha Mehta
Limited Systemic Scleroderma

 I was floored when my sister was diagnosed with limited systemic scleroderma. If it hadn't been for Dustys instant, knowledgeable engagement by email, I think I would have gone crazy. She read and replied to every long, distressed email I ever wrote, and was a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak alien landscape of ill informed, insensitive "professionals".

J Glasgow
Auckland, New Zealand


I can't express enough how incredibly helpful and life-changing it was for me to stumble onto Dusty's website. I heard my story in both her experience and the clients she has worked with, and more importantly, I heard HOPE and POSSIBLITY and OPTIONS. Dusty's Place is a valuable and priceless resource for the scleroderma community and a true testimony of progressive integration for successful healing methods for those who both treat and live with this disease.

J Leahy
Los Angeles, CA
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